1200hp AWD Honda Civic vs 1300hp Nissan GT-R Drag Race // HONDA vs HATERS


1200hp AWD Honda Civic vs 1300hp Nissan GT-R Drag Race // HONDA vs HATERS


We've got a spicy one! Stacy is back with his R35 GT-R capable of 2200hp and he's up against Driver B in his AWD-converted Civic sedan with a Turbo K-series under the hood. Things get a little heated when one of the drivers jumps the start – but that's drag racing for ya! DRIVER B / 1994 HONDA CIVIC 4 DOOR
http://www.instagram.com/driverb STACY BARNETT / 2015 NISSAN GT-R
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Daniel http://www.instagram.com/danjoclaridad/ Do yourself a favor and hit the bell so you don't miss any uploads. 00:00 Intro
02:09 HONDA: Driver B's 1994 Civic
05:49 HATER: Stacy's 2015 Nissan GT-R
09:18 Predictions & Prep
10:28 Round 1
12:01 Round 2
14:00 Round 3 HOONIGAN DOT COM


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